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UMBRIA FILLER S.r.l. owns the natural Amorphous and Crystalline mineral deposits. The Company produces natural or coated calcium carbonate fillers.


Used mainly as charges in the painting industry, intended for the maintenance of the walls of buildings (both interior and exterior), and the wall paper, rubber and plastic materials (hard and plastic-coated PVC) industries.


Used as charges in the plastic materials and electrical cables industry.
By charge is understood a substance that, when joined with other generally more expensive substances, acts to reduce the formulation unit costs without altering the end features of the goods, instead actually improving some, such as the mechanical and dielectric goods.

Furthermore, in many cases the intended uses for the UMBRIA FILLER S.r.l. products overlap and complement one another, and in other cases are notably specific (the polymers in the plastic materials and the amorphous in the water-based paints and in the plastic-coatings in general).

The productive cycles incorporate the scraps, which are reused in the various departments, with the exception of the mud resulting from washing the amorphous limestone. This is fittingly treated in a sedimentator and through a belt-press and are stored, ready to be used as restoration material for other purposes.



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