Calcium Carbonate Filler

The Substanceof Things

“Nature is an infinite sphere whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.”

Blaise Pascal

Natural mineral

The earth is full of treasures:ours is called calcium carbonate.
This material, which is found in great quantities, is extracted by Umbria Fillerin limestone deposits in Italy.

After grinding, particle size selection and chemical-physical processes, calcium carbonate
takes on characteristics that allow it to be used as a filler in a variety of objects,many of which are unexpectedly common.

Our Plants

Nocera Umbra

Frazione Scalo, 96 06025 Nocera Umbra (PG) Italy


Via Martiri delle Foibe 67039 Z.I. Sulmona (AQ) Italy

What makes up the whole

CaCO3completes the picture and gives substance to products such as paints (glossy, satin, water-repellent), coatings, coverings, tiles, paper pulps, plastics, PVC, making it possible to lower formulation unit costsand keep intact the final characteristics of the product. In some cases, such as in the automotive and construction industries, the distinctive characteristics of the mechanical and dielectric components are enhanced by the use of calcium carbonate.


Everything needed for the automotive industry


Paints, coatings, coverings, sealants, finishes, floors, varnishes, thick coatings and elastic joints.

Plastics and Masterbatches

Electric cables, pipes, tubing, profiles, films, sheets and PVC window profiles.

Paper Industry

Optimizes the properties of paper materials.


Packaging and biodegradable disposables.

Evolution & Technology

In symbiosis with nature, we too grow and evolve.Thanks to the Research & Development departmentand its 40 years of experience,Umbria Filler has been able to transform its skills to adaptto market demands and to select products that comply with new fields of application.. Thus techno-fillers were created , the result of innovative production technology.These were then further improved in synergy with the customer’s needs.

Tecno Fillers

The state-of-the-art fillers developed and produced by Umbria Filler have a very high degree of whiteness almost zero abrasiveness, and increased mechanical strength.


Highly innovative fillers for applications on films, packaging, disposable articles, bio-based and biodegradable solid plastics.

The bioplastic industry has a new skin

Bio Fill /
Green innovation

Ecological, inexpensive, sustainable. 

BioFill® is a special variety of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) obtained through an innovative surface treatment that makes it high performing in bioplastic resins and polyesters in general (PLA, ecc.).

BioFill® is an inexpensive, ecological alternative for the bioplastic and polyester industry: first class technical performance, completely Renewable and Recyclable in Industrial compost, with no deterioration of the compounds (polymer chain hydrolysis), close attention paid to the environment.

BioFill ® is Food Contact

BioFill ® is Patented

BioFill ® is Renewable

BioFill ® is Recyclable

BioFill ® is High-Performing

Virtuous by nature

For years UMBRIA FILLER has been committed to ensuring compliance with international standards on Quality, Health, Safety, the Environment and Energy Processes. To this end, it was awarded ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Certifications in 1992, ISO 14001 Environmental Certifications for plants and quarries in 1998, and the ISO 50001 Energy Certification.

Umbria Filler Sales Network

Umbria Filler follows the product throughout the entire production and sales cycle:the development of functional activities guarantees the customer complete service, from the choice of the most suitable products, to logistical planning and usage management.

Sales Info

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