Ecological, inexpensive, sustainable.
The Calcium carbonate filler has a new skin.

Be Green Bio Fill

The bioplastic industry has a new skin

Bio Fill / Green innovation

BioFill® is a special variety of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) obtained through an innovative surface treatment that makes it high performing
in bioplastic resins and polyesters in general (PLA, ecc.).

BioFill® is an inexpensive, ecological alternative for the bioplastic and polyester industry: first class technical performance, completely Renewable and Recyclable in Industrial compost, with no deterioration of the compounds (polymer chain hydrolysis), close attention paid to the environment.

Main advantages

No deterioration

* Minimal polymer deterioration, even in compounding.

Maintains low M.F.I. levels**

** Melt Flow Index

Optimised mechanical properties

formulation costs


The start of a new industrial revolution

BioFill® is the perfect synthesis of calcium carbonate particles with selected grain size and an innovative surface treatment.

BioFill® can be dispersed at high loads (>40% wt) in bioplastics without causing any appreciable polyester chain hydrolysis.

BioFill®, is a bio-based product that keeps its characteristics
of Compostability and Recyclability of the polyesters in the micro compounds in which it is used unchanged, reducing formulation costs, improving their mechanical characteristics and increasing their opacity. It is not a nano material.

BioFill® can be dispersed using standard process techniques, such as Brabender, twin-screw extruder, Banbury mixers, Buss Kneader or Roll Mill. Pre-dispersion in a master or compound is recommended before using in a single-screw extruder.

BioFill ® is Food Contact

BioFill ® is Patented

BioFill ® is Renewable

BioFill ® è Recyclable

BioFill ® is High-Performing

Main uses

Biodegradable plastic
Films, disposable solid plastic like cups and plates, etc.

Technical cardboard food packaging (es.Tetrapak) BioFill® makes it 100% recyclable

Wood paste compounds

Biodegradable plastic compounds

Food-safe microwavable containers

Plastic fabrics


Laminated films and panels, also for bio-construction

Flexible circuits (es: cable sheaths)

Polypropylene items

Biomedical industry (e.g. pipes, disposable corrugated tubes for sanitary use, automatic breathing tubes)

Cosmetics industry (e.g. make-up powders, cosmetic creams)

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